The Ace of Clubs… a Celtic Colours Solution

My Father used to use the term, “A Pig In a Poke” to warn me to always carefully examine something before I bought it to be sure of its value. An example would be taking a used car for a test drive before buying it. Sage advice from my Dad.

How then, does this explain people lining up to pay $20 to attend an entertainment event where they don’t even know who is going to perform that night? This has been happening for 15 years at the Festival Club of the Celtic Colours International Festival.

With a nine day festival made up of hundreds of events taking place in communities all over Cape Breton Island, organizers realized early on they needed to come up with a festival “Home”. This would provide an opportunity for all the performers to come together after a busy day and share their love of the culture they represent with one and other.

The absolute marvel of this arrangement is that world class artists, some who have never met, come together in the relaxed atmosphere of the Club’s backstage Green Room to share and learn from one and other. This situation lends itself to stunning music being created.

The artists then decide whether to take this out front to the stage where we, the audience, get to be flies on the wall at this impromptu gathering of brilliance where you can expect the unexpected. I’m reminded of Phil Cunningham’s absurdly hilarious Danny Boy performances, Carlos Nunez energetic, hastily put together orchestras and the heart thumping experience of half a dozen wonderful Cape Breton fiddlers drivin’er at 2:00am!!

Oh yeah, admission to the Festival Club is half price if you have a ticket from a Celtic Colours show that night. The games begin at the Gaelic College in St. Anns on October 5th at 11:00pm. This is not my Father’s Pig in a Poke.

The Ace of Clubs… a Celtic Colours Solution

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