Growing Healthy Spirits…at the dance!

Cape Breton Square DanceIt is that time of the year here on Cape Breton Island.  Spring is officially here, summer is only weeks around the corner and many can already here the rhythmical shuffling of sneakers, pumps, sandals, crocs, flip-flops, and the occasional pair of dance shoes echoing in their minds as they bring themselves to the floor of the Glencoe Hall in Glencoe Mills, Cape Breton.  Many a tune are jigged and enjoyed in our home in preparation for the night when the hour- long jaunt toward Glencoe will be undertaken ;  past Iona, up towards Little Narrows but not quite so far; take the old South-Side Road over to Whycocomagh, in we go as if we were heading to Mabou, but not tonight.  This night, we will take the ever fascinating dirt road to Glencoe Mills that is every bit a part of the adventure as the dance is itself. 

This will be the second summer of re-living that wonderful part of life from my days gone by.  With daughters old enough to have interest, dance and derive much fun from this experience, I’m now re-afforded the blessing of a regular blast of tunes and at least 5 square-sets each week from now until the fall.  

What an integral part of life it is for our family and many others alike.  The culture of our Gaelic language rings through this human experience.  All of the healthy attributes associated with it are bestowed upon those who are granted the luxury of the dance.  In a day where challenges are surmounting, a place like Cape Breton and specifically Glencoe is an essential ingredient in the growing of healthy spirits, young and old alike! 

Growing Healthy Spirits…at the dance!

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