Not Too Soon to Be Thinking About Fall

I once asked my Grandmother if she ever imagined that she would be celebrating her 95th birthday. Without a moment’s hesitation she replied, “Max, before you know it you’ll be 80.”

I was 32 at the time and thought she was trying to be funny. She did have a wicked sense of humor. Well, that was 30 very quick years ago and now I’m just hoping she was right and I get to see 80.

All this to say that time seems to pass more quickly the older you get. This is totally wrong to me but so it goes. This is why I’m suggesting you give some thought to the fall season even though the buds are barely on the trees in Cape Breton as I write this.

The 16th annual Celtic Colours International Festival will take place in venues all over Cape Breton Island from October 5-13. The festival brings some of the finest Celtic and roots performers from around the world to perform along side our own world class Cape Breton traditional artists.

These nine days and nights of celebrating the only living Celtic culture in North America take place amid the splendor of the fall colours. Even after all these years living here, there are times when I have to pull my car off to side of the road because I’m overwhelmed by a beautiful scene in front of me.

The festival is unique in that it takes place in the communities all over the Island that have maintained the culture for the past 200 years. If you’re into Celtic or roots music you must attend. If you can’t make it this year then you must plan a future visit. Just don’t wait too long. Before you know it,  you’ll be 80.

I’ll be talking about some of the special events that make up the Celtic Colours International Festival in future blogs.

Not Too Soon to Be Thinking About Fall

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