Our Cape Breton Buddy

In my last blog I told you about the Celtic Colours Festival Club. While you never know exactly what might happen on any given night at the Club, there has been one constant every night since the beginning in 1997. That constant is also the glue that holds the club together, host T.R. Buddy MacDonald.

Buddy is a singer/songwriter from the North Shore of Cape Breton Island. When festival organizers initially discussed who would be the best person to fill the host role at the Club they only put one name on the list, Buddy MacDonald. Fortunately for them, he agreed.

Buddy has the respect of fellow artists because of his talent and life long dedication to the music and culture of Cape Breton. This, combined with his love of laughter and life in general, also means that festival audiences feel truly welcome and comfortable.

This great combination of talents makes Buddy the ideal Festival Club host. He always starts the evening with a few songs and stories. The songs might be traditional or one of his many original tunes like the famous, “Getting Dark Again”.

The stories might be about something that happened at the Festival the night before or something that happened in Cape Breton a hundred years ago. Buddy is a modern day bard in that respect. He carries and shares the culture with him wherever he goes.

Drop by the Festival Club in St. Ann’s any night from Oct. 5-13 and say hello to the only person who has been at every Celtic Colours Festival Club night since 1997. Our Buddy is sure to make you smile.

Our Cape Breton Buddy

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