Planning a “Get-Away”

Given the opportunity many would “pack the truck” and “get away” for the weekend. After all, that seems to be the thing to do, right? Pack up the kids, spend hours preparing suitcases and entertainment for them for the drive, don’t’ forget the snacks, dvds and water bottles……….Been there, done that, will likely do it again, but not this summer.

Look around. We live on the lake. The Bras d’Or Lakes. Central Cape Breton is my home and I derive great peace each morning as I walk by my huge kitchen window and peer out at the field that is now golden with sunflowers, bordering along the shores of a very blue, sparkling water. Then I think of the beach. I can see it from here. I can hear the birds chirping out there. I can actually smell the salt from the water. The eagles are making their morning trip from the sandbar back out to the hollow behind the house where their enormous nest rests high in a birch tree.

Castlebay is a feast for anyone’s eyes, but the whole island is! You could circle the lake in a day visiting and experiencing these scenic locations. Enjoy the many community shops and museums that decorate the lakes’ shores on both sides. You would be remiss not to stop at a tearoom or pub for a blast of tunes and a little drink. Visit the beach, shop in the local grocery store, meet the people, enjoy the drive, and just plan to stay in, or visit, Cape Breton this time.

Mabou Red Shoe Pub

Photo courtesy of Nova Scotia Tourism.

Planning a “Get-Away”

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