The Younger Generation

I’m not saying I am old, but, I might be getting older. The music scene on Cape Breton Island now operates with what I look upon as a very fresh, up and coming, group of young (very talented) musicians. They are good people too. The encouraging fact is that a number of this younger generation of contributors, are for the most part, very respectful of a beautiful Gaelic culture. As a matter of fact, some of these “kids” are even fluent Gaelic speakers. It is a healthy scene.

One of the individuals I have come into contact with just a few times over the past few years is Kenneth MacKenzie of Mabou Coal Mines, Cape Breton. He is a top-shelf musician, and a gentleman to boot. He is a locally grown fluent Gaelic speaker, piper, fiddler, and step-dancer. Additionally, I would only guess that he likely plays the piano, guitar, and whatever other instrument he puts his hand to. He is a multi-talented guy who is the son of two fluent Gaelic speakers. 

Recently, Kenneth was the recipient of the 2010 Celtic Colours Festival Volunteer Drive’er Association Frank (Big Sampy) Sampson Award for recording. This award grants studio time to a young, up and coming artist who excels in the Celtic vain. What an appropriate choice. Kenneth has already contributed immensely to the Gaelic and Celtic culture of Cape Breton Island, and we hope he will continue to do so as years move forward. Featured on the CD along with him are his brothers Calum and Angus. Keep your eyes and ears posted for this new release…… will be a must for your collection!

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The Younger Generation

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